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Korea Radio Promtion Association


President's Welcome

Promotion of Radio waves, Broadcasting and Telecommunications Policies and Projects

Korea Radio Promotion Association
  • We create a favorable environment for radio waves,broadcasting and telecommunications businesses
  • We operate 3DTV Broadcasting Promotion Center
  • We provide T-DMB trial service in developing countries
  • We organize the Korea Pavilion at international exhibitions
  • We support the vulnerable affected by the digital transition
  • We support for improving the digital broadcasting reception environment
  • We operate a portal site for digital broadcasting receivers
  • korea will complete the digital switchover by the end if 2012
  • We research on broadcasting/telecommunications policy
  • We improve the policies regarding wireless equipment
  • We study on ways to manage the unlicensed frequency
  • We operate the Korean preparatory group to develop positions and agendas for World Radiocommunication Conference(WRC)
  • We develop a 3D image safety guideline.
  • We analyze mutual impact between wireless services and equipment
  • We research on Technical references and standardization for radio conformity
  • We study on the plans for introducing advanced broadcasting services and
help improve the equipment
  • We arrange bilateral working-level meetings on radiocommunications